Evolvable APIs

Embrace rapid evolution without breaking consumers.


Change is inevitable, design APIs prepared to evolve and make the best of the API Economy.

Evolvable APIs can be built using well known best practices and standards. They are easy to develop and easy to consume. Sounds great, right? It's possible, keep reading.



  • Design and develop APIs that can get new functionalities over time without risking breaking existing consumers.
  • Develop consumers that are resilient and that keep working upon API changes.
  • Leverage API discoverability to propagate new API features without changing the consumer code.


Leverage REST as a communication protocol.

Make use of Hypermedia. For very specific usages or to drive the whole API, you decide based on your needs.

Focus on defining types (for messages, relations, actions, ...) and reuse them.

Embrace Standards instead of reinventing the wheel.